Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

Once you have signed up for an account, you will receive an email. Please remember that the administrator email and password you choose when signing up is the password to log in to the admin portal online. You will get separate login details by email to login to the app. 

To log in to the admin portal go here : https://kasookoo.com/login 
Login using the email or phone number that you entered as administrator.

Click on "Users". Here you can add or remove as many users as you want. These can be your employees for example.

Go back to Home and click "Settings". Here you can configure how calls are routed through the virtual receptionist.

Go back to Home. You can click on "Top-up" if you wish to add money to your account for making international calls.

You can click on "Manage Plan" if you wish to upgrade to an unlimited account.

To log in to the app you must download it first. You will receive a link via text message with the link. You will also receive your login credentials by email. These are auto-generated and different from your login to the admin portal online. 

Once you log in to the app it will ask you to share your contacts - select yes so that your contacts are brought into the app. You can now make calls to any of your contacts or by dialing a number.