How to set up the virtual receptionist

How to set up the virtual receptionist

- Go to the home page and click on "Virtual Receptionist".
- Under "Greetings", enter the text that you want your customers to hear first when they call you:

- Under "Unique extension dialing" select yes if you would like the caller to be able to reach your users directly using their extension.
- Under "Default" enter your default settings in case you don't want to use the "Teams" settings. Click on the first drop down menu and select how you want the call to be handled. On the next drop down box select the team member that you want the call to be transferred to automatically. Click the plus sign to direct the call to multiple users. Select "All at once" if you want them to be called at the same time, or "One by one" if you want it to call each one in order (so it will call each user one by one when the previous one doesn't answer:

- Under "Teams", you can configure a numbered menu so the caller can select which department they want to reach. So in the first box for number 1, enter the department you want it to reach, for example enter "sales". Then using the first drop down box, select the action you want it to take when the caller presses 1, for example "Transfer call to". On the next drop down box select which users you want the call to be transferred to. You can select also whether you want the users to be called at the same time or in order:

After you have configured you virtual receptionist, make sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the page in order for your settings to be confirmed.
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